Yaşamak Sosyal Alan ve Dayanışma Derneği

Yaşamak Sosyal Alan ve Dayanişma Derneği is a non governmental organisation based in izmir turkey. Our aim is to assist the underprivileged in various aspect of their socio cultural and economic life style and thereby facilitating their integration into the Turkish society.



Who We Are

Yasamak is a community center that aims to strengthen solidarity from different aspects of life and to build a strong bond of common support as well as mutual learning. It is a place where  everyone’s ideas, interest and experience are valuable for the growth and continuity of the centers projects and its community.
The centers' social, legal, and psychological services are particularly aiming to support disadvantaged people and migrants. Our workshops, discussion forums and film evenings are aim at bringing diverse social groups together in the spirit of solidarity.
we support refugees especially women and families in overcoming the daily obstacles as well as enable them to develop perspectives for a self determine and dignify life.



Yaşamak Sosyal Alan ve Dayanişma Derneği offers free legal, psychological and social support to migrants, refugees and disadvantaged people.


we offer individual legal consultancy and support in any domain where legal aid is needed.Given the fact that the majority of the people we shall be working with are under privileged and non documented migrants, our legal support will include the following 

  • updating informations on refugee rights and status in turkey on our website 

  • orientating undocumented migrants on the procedures to seek asylum

  • follow up their asylum process and giving help when needed


Our work is also centered around   people suffering from  psychological traumatic experience either as a result of war effect,geographical migration, domestic and social violence, discriminations and all kinds of human rights these cases we provide

  • psychological counseling

  • discussion forums where they can share their experience and get to deal with the tragedy as a group rather than individually

  • we also organize workshops for these groups of people with the  psychologist 


still in the mindset that yasamak is created to work with the underprivileged and non documented migrants.getting asses to basic facilities such as education ,healthcare and accommodation is very difficult either as a result of the language barriers or just the lack of adequate information to get these services. Our social worker is there to utilize his experience, language skills and information data base to help them assess these services. Therefore in the domain of her social support ,yasamak will

  • assist parents get their children enroll  into schoolsl

  • assist them get accommodation

  • and also help them assist medical care 


Yasamak center will also serve as a community space to bring people together in love and strengthen the solidarity bonds between the diverse nature of people we work with we will be;

  • organizing workshops in different fields of professional works which will be open to the general population to come and learn and acquire new skills that could serve a purpose in their life's

  • we shall also organize recreational activities within and out of the center.

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our workshops will go from arts and crafts ,basic home used products as well as tailoring workshops


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To enable the people we work integrate the Turkish society and the world as a globe ,yasamak offers short classes to teach Turkish and English languages



yasamak has embodied in her project the need for recreation as a means to strengthen the  bonds of solidarity among the diverse groups of people we work with.

As the adage goes ``all work and no play makes jack a doll boy`` in thesame  light yasamak believes recreational activities will be a fantastic means of helping the under privileged suffering from psychological as well as physical traumatic experience step out of their prison gates.

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yasamak will regularly updates information on its website to inform the general population on its upcoming events and activities .Our intention is to keep members adequately informed on or in time to participate in our programs. Whenever needs arises information will be pass across on our updates pages for those with the appropriate skills and abilities to fill that gap/

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat: 10am - 2pm
Sun: Closed


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Izmir, Konak, Yeni Mahalle, 805 Sokak, No: 11

+90 05539528681

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